I am very concerned that in the past month I have seen divorce proposed as a solution to dealing with a Spouse with Alzheimer’s.  The first was Pat Robertson an Evangelical leader who opined that Alzheimer’s was like death and said it was alright for Christians to divorce a spouse with Alzheimer’s.  He is currently claiming that he was misunderstood.  Nonetheless to me his words were so disturbing that I could not even comprehend a man of any faith who thought it was OK for someone to divorce a loved one because they have Alzheimer’s.  Alzheimer’s is truly a long goodbye.  Certainly a loved one is gone mentally long before their body fails. Dementia takes away your loved one’s ability to recognize you outwardly; however their ability to recognize that you love them remains.  Studies have shown that emotional memory remains intact until the end.  If you are a person who believes your word means something then Alzheimer’s is the sickness you promised to be there for.

The second time I heard of divorce for Alzheimer’s was on “Harry’s Law” the show had a plot line where a wife approached one of the attorney’s on the show for a divorce so she could afford to place her husband in a Nursing Home.  Planning to use Medicaid (in California Medi-Cal) was described as unethical, and Divorce was presented as the ONLY option.  Medicaid (Medi-Cal) to pay for a Nursing Home Stay was designed to help middle class people pay for Nursing Home Care when Medicare runs out.  Medicare pays for a maximum of 100 days of a Nursing Home stay. Often Medicare pays for about 20 days, then a family must pay for the Nursing Home Care a loved one needs. It is not immoral or unethical to qualify for Medi-Cal.  I help families legally and morally qualify for Medi-Cal to pay for Nursing Home Care.  I have yet to have anyone who needed to divorce their spouse to qualify for Medi-Cal or Veteran’s Benefits.

It is so sad to hear of people considering divorce as an option to enable them to pay for care or cope with Alzheimer’s.  I am dedicated to doing everything legally available to make sure that we maximize both the Veteran’s Benefits and Medi-Cal, so that a spouse has money to live on, and their loved one gets the best care possible.

For those struggling with coping with caring for someone with Alzheimer’s I have designed the Indispensable Alzheimer’s Resource Kit www.AlzheimersAnswersNow.com.

If someone you love needs care either at home, in an assisted living or in a Nursing Home, I can help you legally and honestly qualify for Medi-Cal and Veteran’s Benefits.



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